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Wow! This is what we have become

Going to start with today's picture.

Columbus Pandemic Protest


Some Republicans in the Ohio legislature are publicly calling on Gov. Mike DeWine to consider removing coronavirus-related restrictions beginning next month, while on Monday, around 100 protesters gathered outside the Statehouse during Dewine’s daily COVID-19 press briefing.


This Is Us. This pandemic is bringing out the true nature of US. These folks can't stand the thought that their lives are being inconvenienced by the shutdown of governement to save lives. I'll bet you wouldn't see something like this in NYC right now where thousands have died. These idiots pictured above apparantly haven't lost someone to this thing. Soon their tone will change if they keep up this kind of shit. It only takes one person in this photo to effectively be responsible for killing many. 


This is the direct result of being privileged and never having to suffer. Well, they are about to be smacked very hard and there will be a lot of tears. I can't imagine back in the fifties if polio was crippling thousands and the people rose up and said that my kids are not going to get the vaccine.


I am ashamed of this country right now. This is a perfect storm having a crisis like this with a Republican in office leading a lot of people down this road.


US Covid 19 Infections = 609,685

US Covid 19 Deaths = 26,059