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New Week

Been awhile since posting. Not a whole lot of new stuff. Trump still blaming everybody and saying he is doing a perfect job. Really no condolences or recognition for the thousands that have died or their families. Th man is totally nuts and wants to bring the country back on line not giving a shit how many die. Truly an evil, evil person. I so hope he gets Covid or someone close to him gets it so that he can see he is not immune.


The curve has started to level off in NY but they still have over 10,000 dead. There is still no viable testing system even though the administration said over a month ago that everyone could get a test if they wanted to. Just a bunch of lying thieves. 


We applied for financial relief for our business yesterday. We'll see how that goes.


Oh well, picture of the day:



US Covid 19 Infected = 582,634

US Covid 19 Dead = 23,649