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Thank God Its Friday! Hard to relate to that these days since every day is just like the other. There are so many conflicting statements being made as to when we will get to semi-normal. The rich money boys are pushing for a rapid opening up to business as usual. The scientists and the people that give a shit about human life want to do it carefully to avoid as much infection and death as possible. Everybody seems to be feeling more tense everyday.


NY state seems to be turning a corner in infections due to the stay at home order but the death rate is climbing daily from those already infected. Their governor Andrew Cuomo has taken charge there and is responsible for saving lives. Dufus Donny Trump continues to fiddle away and lean towards opening things asap. What a shock from the man who cares nothing for anything but himself. He has even announced on his briefings that his ratings on FB were way up. A despicable, terrible man. I have taken to turning off the Coronavirus Task Force briefings because he has hijacked them for his political agenda.


Texted with Angie today. She had a bad day yesterday and I'm having a shitty one today. It's good to keep the communication channels open somewhat but I did stop following most of the people I have on FB because it was getting to. The cult following the Repulicans have includes some of my own family. Best not to see which people are drinking the Kool-Aid.


My diabetes is totally out of control. Readings are so high the meter doesn't give me a number. It just says "HI" and that doesn't mean Hello. Had a tele-visit with the MD yesterday and he is putting me on some new drugs to try and lower the numbers. He wants to see if they help. If not will probably have to start taking insulin. Whoopie!!


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US Covid 19 Infections = 475,749

US Covid 19 Deaths = 17,925