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My Covid-19 Chronicles

Hump Day

Wednesday. They are downgrading the projected death toll to around 60,000 before things settle down. Fauci says it may be a number of years before things get back to normal. This timeline depends on finding a vaccine asap. Weather is getting warmer so it is nice to sit on the porch and watch the world go by. My diabetes is flaring up. It was so high this morning that the meter gave me a reading of "HI" instead of a number. I checked again and it was 453. Messaged the doctors office. Pretty sure I'll need to go on insulin since I don't have the willpower to lose weight.


Trump continues to blame everyone else for his lack of leadership. He now is blaming the W.H.O. for inaction even though he ignored things for so long that things got out of control. We have ceased watching the Task force briefings because he has hijacked them for his own political purposes still denying any responsibility and not supplying any concrete leadeship. He is truly deranged and needs to be removed but the Republicans continue to bolster him up and he is also using his propaganda network headed by Fox News.


Everyone around here seems to be handling it so far but in other places the system is starting to break down. People are unable to sign up for unenployment benefits and must stand in long lines exposing theselves to the virus. The stimulus checks promised to small businesses and every taxpayer have not been delivered and its only a matter of time until people start raising Hell. Yesterday in Detroit the ER nursing staff refused to work until they received some kind of help. It's starting.


Picture of the day:Evil scumbag


US Covid 19 Infections = 399,929

US Covid 19 Deaths = 12,911