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My Covid-19 Chronicles

Grocery Shopping Day

On Tuesdays Walmart has a senior shopping hour at 6 AM. I went this morning. Debated whether to go armed so I did but left weapom in glove box while I shopped. Not sure if I am being paranoid but I believe in being prepared for any contingency. The longer this goes on the more I will venture outside armed. The masked group was about 60% with the staff at about 50%. Sent an email to Walmart asking why staff was not wearing masks. Not sure if they are not listening or just don't care. They set aside a time for the most vulnerable to shop and then don't protect those shoppers from the employees.


Trump continues to hijack the Coronavirus Press Conference and berating reporters for not asking "nice" questions. He keeps pushing the Hydochloroquine as a remedy and not locking things down. Found out that he has a stake in a company in France that manufactures it. Not a surprise. He is THE most corrupt president in the history of our country. His press secretary resigned today without ever holding a press briefing. We will not be watching anymore briefings. We'll let the news agencies record and watch soundbits. Takes too much of our valuable time listening to his rantings.


Picture of the day:

When does it end


US Covid 19 Infections = 368,449

US Covid 19 Deaths = 10,993