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My Covid-19 Chronicles

Happy Monday!

New work week. NOT! The Surgeon General stated over the weekend that this week will be our new Pearl Harbor or 9/11. That is pretty ominous. We are staying at home as much as we can this week. I will be going to Walmart tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM for their one hour senior citizen shopping experience. I'll give it a try. Should be interesting. 


I received a new open carry holster yesterday. Since we have no leadership now in this country and a 30 per cent unemployment rate I look for people to start getting predatory pretty soon. Really hope I'm wrong but my want to be prepared just in case. I will also take Lexi out every time I venture out in the car. A couple more weeks of this without some kind of governmental leadership will make a situation when a lot of people may start feeling desperation. I will be carrying so that their desperation doesn't cause them to do something stupid. I will defend what is mine.


The Chinese are starting to mingle outdoors again now that their infection rate is almost zero. A good experiment to see if the infection ramps up again and they broke quaratine too quickly. Watching them will help us determine the correct course to take and show us how long this thing is with us. Yesterday a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for Covid 19. First account of an animal contracting the virus from humans. Not sure where that is going to go but that opens all kinds of new possibilities.


Picture of the day:

Empty Playground


US Covid 19 Infections = 337,933

US Covid 19 Deaths = 9,653