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My Covid-19 Chronicles

Palm Sunday

Sunday morning. The health officials are saying this is going to be the worst week yet. All we can do is stay in our space and watch this thing unfold. So far Ohio is not in crisis mode medically. The hospitals are holding their own. I have to acknowledge Governor Mike Dewine for shutting down the schools and ordering a stay at home warning very early in the pandemic. I saw an infection line curve comparing Ohio to other states that did not heed warnings as soon as DeWine did. Ohio's infection rate is much lower than TN and the death rate is about 180 statewide at this time. Trump continues to not only showing any leadership abilities but continues to blame everyone from Obama to the new media. He holds a press conference every night and every time a reporter asks him about anything he goes off insulting everybody. He is totally unhinged at this time and is the worst person in the world to be in charge at this time. He refuses to order a lockdown for the 8 Republican states that still allow their people to go about business as usual. They will all pay the price for doing this. It's too bad that so many will lose their lives because of the idiocy of their leaders.


We planted some grass yesterday. We needed straw so we drove over to Bergmans. There was nobody there but it said open. Dianne found a sign saying we could purchase items and pay on the honor system. There was a box there so we left 21 dollars for 3 bales of hay. It felt very odd to approach a store with a mask covering my face. Almost looked like I was coming to rob them. Everything still feels very surreal right now. It is terrible to see what is happening in NYC right now. They have backed numerous refrigerated trailers to store all the bodies. We see that on the news and then the doctors tell us this is just the beginning and next week will be even worse. Almost unbelievable!


Italy and Spain have been incredibly hard but they are now starting to look at India and wonder what the Hell is going to happen there. You have 1,500,000,000 people all crammed together in an impoverished nation. Its wait and see everywhere but I'm pretty sure from what I hear life on this planet will change for a long time. Maybe that's a good thing. If you read Robin's post yesterday it rings true that Mother Nature may be telling humans that if you want to shit where you eat and don't take care of the fragile ground we live on then maybe it is time for some other species to give it a try.


Always looking for a picture to tell a story of the times. Here is today's.


Graves In Italy


US Covid 19 Infections = 308,850

US Covid 19 Deaths = 8,407

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Words From Robin Turner

We received this today from Dianne's sister today and wanted to share it.


Good to hear from you. Yes, we’re all in this together. And MOST of us will see it through. I know that Walt and I are at high risk with this virus, but we are at high risk for anything. We are facing the fact that both of us are in our last part of our lives, whether we live for decades or hours. We have lived a full life. Dan, although still young, is still in an age group with a lot of risk. And his life should not be almost over. And he has a young family who depends upon him. Walter and James are similarly at risk. Walter for the same age group and both of them because they are smokers. All of them are still working. Knowing all of this is why I don’t ask them for help. I want to talk to them, know what’s going on in their lives but I don’t consider myself at any more risk than they are. We also have friends who have offered help. Most people are stepping up as expected in this unusual time of uncertainty. The only place we’re going is to a store occasionally to get supplies. We’re staying away from people and following instructions as best we can. I’m not letting it affect us too much.


As uncertain and frightening as this can be I can’t help but see it from a macro perspective as well. It seems that ‘Mother Nature’ is doing her best to bring some balance back to this planet. This is just one of many features of control that life has to help ensure its existence. Our tiny planet is much too over populated to sustain us for long. Our very existence is set up for us to be mortal, at least in these times. Without some kind of check on our growth we would be doomed much sooner. This gives me some comfort. It helps me understand that although great loss of life is tragic it is no more so than any loss of life. And it is both natural and necessary for our existence. Death is something we all must experience. That is not the tragedy. I, personally, don’t wish to speed it up but I do not fear it. Fear is reserved for the living. Going on without loved ones….. There will be hardships in life no matter who you are or what circumstances you are living in. Hardship is as much a part of life as is joy. It is neither more prevalent or more important. It just is.


I believe that whatever happens with this, we are more likely to eventually come back stronger and better because of it. History tells us this. This is no more a senseless end than ‘Noah’s flood’ was. It is just a required change. Mom used to tell me that Dad would say things like (she, of course, always told me his understanding through her understanding) if you don’t do what you’re supposed to when you should things will happen to cause you to do it anyway but it will be much harder than necessary. I believe this philosophy in general is true. If we consume everything that is abundant when we have it without regard to the future, won’t we suffer the consequences of doing without later when we have already used up our reserves? It would have been much easier had we just realized the value and protected it when it was abundant than learning to do without or with what little was left when we finally realized its value….


Enough of this… My prayers are with you and your family and friends. We are all in this together and we will survive. I believe that. You are important to me. You are a part of me. Take care of yourself and stay in touch. Call me anytime. No time is a bad time. My answering machine is always on. If I’m not home or outside, leave a message and I’ll call you back. Leave the number you want me to call because my phone doesn’t give that info to me.  I don’t have office walk in hours anymore but I am making appointments for anyone who feels they need tax assistance right now. Some people are still getting refunds which they really need or they want to make sure they get their gov’t payment. I’m just spraying everything down with Lysol for now in between and I have some light scarves I’m using like a mask when in public. Lots of hand washing too. Alcohol for sanitizing away from home. Always looking for more sanitizer still.


Love you so much!


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Saturday! You sure?

It's Saturday! Welcome to Covid 19 Groundhog Day. Every day seems pretty much like the last. Not complaining too much. It is sunny outside and getting warmer. Yesterday Dianne and I rode bikes and took the dogs to the park. I am thinking about working on the back yard. Bear has torn some mighty trenches back there and I aim to fill them in and plant grass. Hopefully we can turn that mudhole into a yard again. 


We are both healthy as of today. Dianne has a cough but she usually has a cough this time of year from allergies. My middle back gives me some good shots when I get up in the morning and when I have been sitting for a while. Guess I am just sitting too much. We are going to change that.


We are a few weeks away from New York peaking. The hospitals there are getting overwhelmed and they have decided to turn the Javits Center into a Covid 19 hospital. Hospitals across the world are having trouble getting the supplies for the frontline workers. There is still no testing procedures set to ID people who are showing symptoms. There are mounting cases every day across the country with New York, Louisiana, Illinois and about every metropolitan area. Trump has still not issued a nationwide lockdown leaving it up to others to show true leadership. He is such a waste. He fiddles while Rome burns. My hope is that he catches the virus and experiences the pain of the thousands in this country that counted on their government to protect. 


I am going to start posting pictures of the new Covid World along with the daily stats.

Empty Shopping Aisles

US Infections = 277,953

US Deaths = 7,152

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Things continue to worsen. Yesterday there was still little action from the federal government and the governors in the hot zone states are not getting the help they need. Most NY hospitals are getting overwhelmed and we are weeks awy from the peak. 

Yesterday our numb nuts neighbor walked right in the front door while we were having dinner and walked right up to us to hand us an antler for the dogs. I understand he was trying to be friendly but he has no sense when it comes to this thing. I didn't yell at him but he could tell I was annoyed with him and left pretty quickly. We immediately cleaned things off but that is an indicator as to why the Beast is getting out of hand. People don't know what to do because there is no leadership from the top. The scientists are trying to warn everybody and the administration is still taking the stance that it's not that bad.

Have to get groceries today and will be wearing mask and gloves. Weather is getting better so that's a good thing. Hopefully the neighbor didn't get infected from us or us by him but we will see. We are headed for bad times. Fauci is saying this won't stop until they come up with a vaccine. Vould be a year away.

US Covid 19 Infections = 245,070

US Covid 19 Deaths = 5949

PS. Worldwide Infections went over 1,000,000 yesterday

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One amazing event that happened at the beginning of the announced state lock down was people ran to all the stores and bought up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Not sure what they planned on doing with all the toilet paper but it was definitely a weird human action.
Paper products have been hard to get ever since. There must be a lot of folks eating paper out there. We are having no problem getting food or most other items at the store.
Yesterday the federal government stockpile of supplies such as ventilators and other items was announced as being exhausted. GM and Ford have been designated as ventilator manufacturers but they will definitely not have enough of them when the peak infection rate hits in about 2 -3 weeks. Trump and his buddies refuse to order a national stay at home plan so there are still about 12 states that are allowing free travel and businesses to stay open. The virus is in all 50 states with at least 100 infections in every state. The only tool to fight this thing is people staying away from each other. The states that don't follow that rule will most likely pay the price in a few weeks. So bone-headed. FL finally put in a stay-at-home order but said Sunday church services were exempt. So that means that all the church-goers out there can go get sick and then pass it on to others in a Christian like manner. The 2 ships off the coast of FL are being denied entry as people continue to die on them. Sad what we have become.
US Confirmed Cases = 215,417
Deaths = 5,116

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Today we woke up like we have for the last 3 weeks. The state of Ohio is under a stay-at-home order. About half the country is under the same order. They are trying to squash the curve of infections by keeping people away from each other but there are still a lot of people who are in denial and are going on with life as normal.
One reason they feel they can do that is there is no leadership at the top.
The president and his minions are still in denial and the federal government is basically showing no commitment to the American people. This has been the slant of the President and the Republican party since Trump was elected in 2016 but really even before.
So yesterday the scientific community announced that if everyone started using the quarantine methods right now (which is not happening) the death toll from this onslaught will be anywhere between 100,000 to 250,000. Since half the country refuses to do this and the federal government will not move it is likely the death toll will be in the millions. All we can do is stay indoors and watch the world change.
US Confirmed Cases = 189,633
US Reported Deaths = 4,081
PS: There are 2 cruise ships that are off the coast of FL that are not being allowed to dock. People are dying on board as the government refuses them refuge. Very sad. Very aggravating.

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