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My Covid-19 Chronicles

Thought I would post daily comments or observations. The purpose of this blog is not to display anything other than our experiences, trials, and triumphs during this unprecedented time in our history.
Please look at this as a chronicle of events starting April 1st. There have been many events prior to this date concerning the world of Covid-19 and I many refer to those earlier dates to give a context of what we have experienced through the months since January.
January is really the first time that news of the Covid-19 virus started to surface. So much of that time is a build up to where we are today, April 1, 2020. So let's begin.

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Covid 19 Chronicles


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The new unemployment numbers came out today and 22 Million people have now applied for unemployment in the last month. That is more jobs than has been created since the Great Depression. We are headed that way again I am afraid. The news yesterday evening started to report that US Intelligence thinks Covid 19 came from a lab in Wuhan, China. Even though it was Bat to Human, apparently lab worker was infected and then went out and started the Pandemic. I find it amazing that one person could have an effect on the entire World. 


The Stimulus Checks are being sent. Trump held up distribution until his name could be added to the check. So glad we have direct deposit so I won't have to look at it. Absolutely hate that wad! Still wishing he and his get the virus. We are still sitting around doing practically nothing but watching the news and wondering when we can get started this year. My thoughts go out to families that have no source of income and don't even qualify for unemployment. They are saying a vaccine may be over a year away and that things may pretty much stay this way through next year. Good God! If that is the case we will surely sink into a situation of civil unrest with no leadership at the top. Joe Biden will most likely be the new President but the job he is inheriting may be impossible.


Picture of the day:

Nursing Home


US Covid 19 Infections = 639,733

US Covid 19 Deaths = 30,990


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Wow! This is what we have become

Going to start with today's picture.

Columbus Pandemic Protest


Some Republicans in the Ohio legislature are publicly calling on Gov. Mike DeWine to consider removing coronavirus-related restrictions beginning next month, while on Monday, around 100 protesters gathered outside the Statehouse during Dewine’s daily COVID-19 press briefing.


This Is Us. This pandemic is bringing out the true nature of US. These folks can't stand the thought that their lives are being inconvenienced by the shutdown of governement to save lives. I'll bet you wouldn't see something like this in NYC right now where thousands have died. These idiots pictured above apparantly haven't lost someone to this thing. Soon their tone will change if they keep up this kind of shit. It only takes one person in this photo to effectively be responsible for killing many. 


This is the direct result of being privileged and never having to suffer. Well, they are about to be smacked very hard and there will be a lot of tears. I can't imagine back in the fifties if polio was crippling thousands and the people rose up and said that my kids are not going to get the vaccine.


I am ashamed of this country right now. This is a perfect storm having a crisis like this with a Republican in office leading a lot of people down this road.


US Covid 19 Infections = 609,685

US Covid 19 Deaths = 26,059

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New Week

Been awhile since posting. Not a whole lot of new stuff. Trump still blaming everybody and saying he is doing a perfect job. Really no condolences or recognition for the thousands that have died or their families. Th man is totally nuts and wants to bring the country back on line not giving a shit how many die. Truly an evil, evil person. I so hope he gets Covid or someone close to him gets it so that he can see he is not immune.


The curve has started to level off in NY but they still have over 10,000 dead. There is still no viable testing system even though the administration said over a month ago that everyone could get a test if they wanted to. Just a bunch of lying thieves. 


We applied for financial relief for our business yesterday. We'll see how that goes.


Oh well, picture of the day:



US Covid 19 Infected = 582,634

US Covid 19 Dead = 23,649

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Thank God Its Friday! Hard to relate to that these days since every day is just like the other. There are so many conflicting statements being made as to when we will get to semi-normal. The rich money boys are pushing for a rapid opening up to business as usual. The scientists and the people that give a shit about human life want to do it carefully to avoid as much infection and death as possible. Everybody seems to be feeling more tense everyday.


NY state seems to be turning a corner in infections due to the stay at home order but the death rate is climbing daily from those already infected. Their governor Andrew Cuomo has taken charge there and is responsible for saving lives. Dufus Donny Trump continues to fiddle away and lean towards opening things asap. What a shock from the man who cares nothing for anything but himself. He has even announced on his briefings that his ratings on FB were way up. A despicable, terrible man. I have taken to turning off the Coronavirus Task Force briefings because he has hijacked them for his political agenda.


Texted with Angie today. She had a bad day yesterday and I'm having a shitty one today. It's good to keep the communication channels open somewhat but I did stop following most of the people I have on FB because it was getting to. The cult following the Repulicans have includes some of my own family. Best not to see which people are drinking the Kool-Aid.


My diabetes is totally out of control. Readings are so high the meter doesn't give me a number. It just says "HI" and that doesn't mean Hello. Had a tele-visit with the MD yesterday and he is putting me on some new drugs to try and lower the numbers. He wants to see if they help. If not will probably have to start taking insulin. Whoopie!!


Picture of the Day:

The new way


US Covid 19 Infections = 475,749

US Covid 19 Deaths = 17,925

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What Day Is It

Web is at a crawl the last two days. Wonder if this is a result of everyone streaming or the next step in Global Pandemic warfare. No change in the scenery except the numbers keep rising. Yesterday people were starting to fight in the unemployment sign up lines. Fighting over applications because they can't sign up on line because of glitches. We are slowly moving into a period of upheaval and possible anarchy. Trump is still alive and well. Keep wondering if his close contact with Covid will hit him like it did Boris Johnson of the UK. We can only wish him the of Covid19 there is.


No big changes here.


Picture of the day:Intermission


US Covid 19 Infections = 432,438

US Covid 19 Deaths = 14,808



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Hump Day

Wednesday. They are downgrading the projected death toll to around 60,000 before things settle down. Fauci says it may be a number of years before things get back to normal. This timeline depends on finding a vaccine asap. Weather is getting warmer so it is nice to sit on the porch and watch the world go by. My diabetes is flaring up. It was so high this morning that the meter gave me a reading of "HI" instead of a number. I checked again and it was 453. Messaged the doctors office. Pretty sure I'll need to go on insulin since I don't have the willpower to lose weight.


Trump continues to blame everyone else for his lack of leadership. He now is blaming the W.H.O. for inaction even though he ignored things for so long that things got out of control. We have ceased watching the Task force briefings because he has hijacked them for his own political purposes still denying any responsibility and not supplying any concrete leadeship. He is truly deranged and needs to be removed but the Republicans continue to bolster him up and he is also using his propaganda network headed by Fox News.


Everyone around here seems to be handling it so far but in other places the system is starting to break down. People are unable to sign up for unenployment benefits and must stand in long lines exposing theselves to the virus. The stimulus checks promised to small businesses and every taxpayer have not been delivered and its only a matter of time until people start raising Hell. Yesterday in Detroit the ER nursing staff refused to work until they received some kind of help. It's starting.


Picture of the day:Evil scumbag


US Covid 19 Infections = 399,929

US Covid 19 Deaths = 12,911

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Grocery Shopping Day

On Tuesdays Walmart has a senior shopping hour at 6 AM. I went this morning. Debated whether to go armed so I did but left weapom in glove box while I shopped. Not sure if I am being paranoid but I believe in being prepared for any contingency. The longer this goes on the more I will venture outside armed. The masked group was about 60% with the staff at about 50%. Sent an email to Walmart asking why staff was not wearing masks. Not sure if they are not listening or just don't care. They set aside a time for the most vulnerable to shop and then don't protect those shoppers from the employees.


Trump continues to hijack the Coronavirus Press Conference and berating reporters for not asking "nice" questions. He keeps pushing the Hydochloroquine as a remedy and not locking things down. Found out that he has a stake in a company in France that manufactures it. Not a surprise. He is THE most corrupt president in the history of our country. His press secretary resigned today without ever holding a press briefing. We will not be watching anymore briefings. We'll let the news agencies record and watch soundbits. Takes too much of our valuable time listening to his rantings.


Picture of the day:

When does it end


US Covid 19 Infections = 368,449

US Covid 19 Deaths = 10,993

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Happy Monday!

New work week. NOT! The Surgeon General stated over the weekend that this week will be our new Pearl Harbor or 9/11. That is pretty ominous. We are staying at home as much as we can this week. I will be going to Walmart tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM for their one hour senior citizen shopping experience. I'll give it a try. Should be interesting. 


I received a new open carry holster yesterday. Since we have no leadership now in this country and a 30 per cent unemployment rate I look for people to start getting predatory pretty soon. Really hope I'm wrong but my want to be prepared just in case. I will also take Lexi out every time I venture out in the car. A couple more weeks of this without some kind of governmental leadership will make a situation when a lot of people may start feeling desperation. I will be carrying so that their desperation doesn't cause them to do something stupid. I will defend what is mine.


The Chinese are starting to mingle outdoors again now that their infection rate is almost zero. A good experiment to see if the infection ramps up again and they broke quaratine too quickly. Watching them will help us determine the correct course to take and show us how long this thing is with us. Yesterday a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for Covid 19. First account of an animal contracting the virus from humans. Not sure where that is going to go but that opens all kinds of new possibilities.


Picture of the day:

Empty Playground


US Covid 19 Infections = 337,933

US Covid 19 Deaths = 9,653

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